Platinum Counselling Group provides the following services:

Parent Support and Coaching

Parenting is the hardest job a person will ever do and often the only training we get is what we’ve learned (either to do or not to do) from our parents. Of course, we also have the vast and often contradictory advice of family, friends, co-workers and others, which is usually unsolicited and not always helpful. Also, there is now a massive literature available to parents in the form of books and TV shows, etc. all claiming to have the “right” way of raising children, changing behaviour and tricks to help you get there.

While some of this advice we receive from friends, family, media and books can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming, confusing or hard to apply to the unique relationship and situations you have with your child(ren). At Platinum Counselling Group, we will help you to become encouraged and empowered in your most important role of parent by helping you understand your children and their relationship to you from the inside out. Understanding ourselves as parents and understanding our children in terms of development and attachment can help shed light on the dynamics at play in your current struggles. Above that, you will be offered practical and tangible ideas and strategies to help your unique parent-child relationship to thrive.


Parent-Teen Mediation

When your child enters adolescence, they are changing and so is your job as a parent: your role is transforming from teacher to trusted advisor. However, negotiating their new freedom, independence, and responsibilities while keeping a solid relationship with effective communication can sometimes be challenging. If you’re finding that communication and cooperation has shut down at home, Parent-Teen Mediation may be appropriate. We will hear individually from the parents’ and teen(s)’ perspectives initially, then bring the family together for sessions to discuss issues important to them for maintaining a healthy and functioning household. During these group sessions, families will learn and practice how to hold effective conversations in which all parties feel heard and valued, and how to come to win-win solutions that work for everyone.

Please contact Erin Edwards for more information and a free phone consultation.


Parent Education Workshops

With all the random advice we receive from family, friends, media and the like, coming to a cohesive understanding and perspective to parent from can feel difficult. We can sometimes get lost in strategy, not understanding why we’re doing something, or can get lost in theory or philosophy of parenting and not grasp how to effectively apply those ideas in our families.

Regardless of how long you’ve been a parent, if you are feeling lost, stuck, frustrated or not on the same page with a co-parent, and are looking for understanding, tools and support, a parenting workshop may be helpful for you. You’ll learn Adlerian theory of family and parenting, based on child development and attachment principles, and will be also learn strategies and tools for applying this theory successfully in your home.

Workshops of various topic and length are available on an on-going basis. Please see the Events section on our home page for more information or to register.