Lifestyle Assessment

Adlerian Theory proposes that our way of moving through life, our LifeStyle, is largely formed by the age of 5 and comprised of rules for being with oneself, others and the world based on our genetics and our early childhood experiences. Often, We go along in our adolescent, adult and senior lives at least partly unaware of our motivations, goals, and ideals that form LifeStyle. However, when life throws us a situation that challenges one’s Style of Life in a significant/meaningful way, we can get stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated. Whether it’s career and work life, or family and personal factors that you have been confronted with, Lifestyle coaching and assessment can help make clear what has been unclear or unseen and help clients to move forward enlightened, empowered and changed for their better.

LifeStyle coaching will look at early childhood experiences to help clients become more aware and intentional about their core values, motivations and ways of being. LifeStyle Assessment involves a more formal, detailed Adlerian Inventory of LifeStyle and will include written summaries and reports for the client. LifeStyle Assessment can be beneficial on it’s own or as a supplement to Lifestyle Coaching or Counselling.