A Moment in Mindfulness – Sponsored by Wrigley’s

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Featured, Individual Counselling

A Moment in Mindfulness – Sponsored by Wrigley’s

It seems to be the word of the day; mindfulness. It lingers on everyone’s  lips but do any of us have time for it? Are we doing it right? And when should we schedule that in?

In essence, mindfulness is about developing our ability to pay attention in the present moment. For many of us, much of our mental energy and emotional stress, is expended on and caused by our regrets about the past, worries about the future or judgments about the present. When we curiously and without judgment pay attention to the present moment, we can become increasingly aware of these negative thought patterns. This insight enables us to create more adaptive ways to respond to life’s challenges moving forward.

At some point today, pick up some gum and chew, chew, chew! Let the sweetness rush through your oral senses, let the smell awaken your olfactory needs, and breathe in the moment… Notice your memory drifting back to the first times you had chewing gum and feel the feelings of peaceful nostalgia this moment is offering you.

Just you. Chewing your gum.

For me, this means remembering how peaceful the time was, how caramel the sunshine looked and how crisp the trees sounded, how fresh the rain felt as it splattered on the windshield of my dad’s green Dodge Dart, while the slick blades cleared the drops. Ahhh… And all because of a simple piece of gum.