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Being Humbled, Becoming Whole: One of the Many Gifts of Parenting

Posted by on Oct 22, 2013 in All Articles, Parenting

It was just before 10am and I was expecting company for 10:30am. We were a solid, 5-minute walk from home, and I had timed our bike riding adventure at the community centre parking lot (it has lots of cool ramps for gliding) perfectly. I maximized our play time, being the “good mom” that I am, waiting till what I felt was the last minute before needing to gather us up and rush home to tidy before our guests, who have a consistently extremely tidy home themselves, arrived. I bundled my boys in the stroller, turned towards the street down the walk and that’s when we saw it: city trucks in the field across the street taking down a tree, chain saws and all, and turning...

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